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24 May 2011
Concluding what may be the coolest date ever @ 4:38 AM

The time is now 4:30 and I'm arriving home after one of the coolest dates ever. At least, I think it was a date. I suppose I'm hoping it was, just a little.

I arrive thirty minutes late, of course, but he's totally unperturbed and we head to the theaters. I reach for my wallet to get a ticket and instead of it being a 3 minute typical argument about the guy paying for the girl's ticket, he flashes two tickets he bought ahead of time and we walk in and I've no room to protest with my normal independent woman banter.
We then mutually enjoying a hilarious chick flick (appreciating the comedic value rather than writing it off as a rom-com chick flick) then spend the next four hours walking around and talking about everything and nothing.

At the end of the night, (might I mention that at the beginning he lent me two sweet books) he pulls out a small parting gift: a bag of (super swanky) pretzels and awesome looking spicy dip, including a couple great ideas on how to make it.

So, coolest date (or rendezvous, whichever) ever?

PS, word of Tuesday is:
Swanky (and all other forms of the word: IE swankish, swankiness, swanked-out, swank, ect.)

Had to come back in and edit after I tried the super swanky dip & pretzels to report that not only are they both AWESOME, they're not full of terrible chemicals and icky ingredients!

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