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24 May 2011
Another installment @ 5:31 AM

Swanky pretzels & dip guy (now to be referred to as SPDG), asked me tonight what would I wish for with three wishes.

First thing I think of: super powers.

But then I got to thinking. If I had three wishes, what would seriously make me happy. Super powers and loads of cash would be super cool, but it got me to thinking. What if everyone in the world were just a little more open-minded to one another. Not asking for world peace, just a little broadening of the spectrum.

Wish one: Everyone in the world; 25% more open-minded.

Now, what would they do with that open-mindedness? Then I realize, who am I to try to save the world on my own with three wishes. What if what I want isn't the best idea?

Wish two: Everyone else gets three wishes.

Of course, I now sound silly and cliche, giving away wishes to the world, but I can't let these people run willy-nilly with wishes, so one last provision:

Wish three: Everyone granted those three wishes in the aforementioned wish is only allowed to use those wishes for good, not evil (good being outlined by popular society rule and basic common sense, with a touch of common courtesy and consideration added).

While those may sound corny to some, because they are wishes that are not directly for me, in a sense, they are. If everyone was out there changing the world for the better on their own terms, we all have a pretty good chance of living in a better world, something we could all benefit from.

I'd choose living in a better world over every super power ever any day.

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"I do what I can wherever I end up, to keep giving my good love, and spreading it around"

Amelia Bartlett, 18; performer, creator, student, optimist. Open-minded and looking to expand.
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