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27 May 2011
The sequel @ 12:39 AM

Second date-ish meeting with SPDG; another great night. (:

Starts out at the beach (late again), he says "consider it island time" and doesn't doesn't give it another thought.

His side of the picnic meal is a complete secret,
and because of the lateness and the beach closing, he informs me that it kills ANOTHER surprise. I'm thinking 'I didn't know anyone was capable of so much effort!' and he gestures over to a small overturned boat that he set up so I would think it to be an abandoned boat that we could just kind of move in on without me knowing it was his. I mean, seriously, that's not just effort, but near-boss status.

But long story short, small fiasco after small fiasco ensues until we are at a dimly lit park close to home.

His meal: Seared ahi tuna steaks with rice and wasabi sauce. Didn't see that coming. It was so amazingly delicious, I overate and now have ridiculous hiccups.

We talked and talked and while it's so easy to talk to him, it's still hard to let go of being uninterested in dating and the physical aspect of relationships.

I hope I get over myself and don't let this drift past me.

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