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30 June 2011
Sensual @ 5:47 PM

It must sound pretty weird to describe riding on a motorcycle as 'sensual' but for some reason, I can't get the word or the feeling out of my head. I have to write it out.

When you're on the back of the bike, arms wrapped around the driver, you're trusting them. You're letting go of your control on where you go and how you get there and letting them take the reins completely. You have relinquished control. Not like a car where you're in your own seat and can therefore retreat to your own world - you are part of their world no matter what.
When you move, you move together. Accelerating, you hold tighter, feeling their muscles clench and release under your grasp. You need them, genuinely, to keep you anchored. They are your rock.
When you turn, you move together as one. You lean and straighten and you respond to each other without words.

And now, I'm just lost for words to explain it further. But it was the most intimate experience of my life.

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