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05 June 2011
Buddhist Temple Breakfast @ 3:53 PM

Appropriately given the alias CDG was the latest date. I suppose I've sort of decided that while SPDG is a really great guy, I just don't see him that way. I will have to break the news soon, but he's such a wonderful friend, I don't know how I'll do it.

Anyway, CDG whose alias I won't explain because it would totally give him away, was a surprisingly cool person. Things about him were just cool. He's so intriguing to talk to and it isn't just stuff about ourselves or our lives or funny stories. It's stuff that we both mutually care about.

Like healthiness and the Earth and good teeth!

Doesn't drink milk, pretty attentive to teeth, my kind of guy.
Because honestly, boys don't usually care about their teeth and those who drink milk get mad puppy breath. Gross.

For breakfast, we hit the Buddhist Temple and it was pretty wonderful. We were hot and sticky from being outside in the heat but I hardly noticed (surprisingly, because I am usually pretty anal about it). He smoked, I didn't care, he has tribulations, they didn't faze, it was interesting. I didn't feel like he was judging me, or checking off a checklist in his head about me, so I didn't feel the need to judge him.

I don't know how to conclude talking about it because I'm having trouble concluding thinking about it.

the real deal
"I do what I can wherever I end up, to keep giving my good love, and spreading it around"

Amelia Bartlett, 18; performer, creator, student, optimist. Open-minded and looking to expand.
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